Dear Landfall Residents,

We would first like to thank you all so very much for your support over this past year. The challenges we have faced as individuals, in our families, and in our community were of the like that we have never experienced before. We have been confronted with new ways of living, working, learning, and growing through circumstances completely out of our control. As a result, many of our routine day-to-day activities took on a new look and conformed to the new way of life.

Amidst all of these changes, it may have appeared to some that your Board of Directors was not as active or involved and in some cases were not available to you. Please allow us to apologize for that misconception. With government restrictions not permitting our usual in-person activities such as, board meetings, annual meetings, and community celebrations our one-on-one interactions with the residents in our community may have felt disconnected; much like in our personal lives. We assure you that your Landfall COA Board and Landfall Committees continued working diligently with, and in support of, our staff to manage the business of the Council.

In moving forward, we are happy to announce an additional avenue for our residents to feel connected and stay plugged-in to the activities and business conducted by the COA. Now that we have a secured password-protected website through our Landfall Resident Portal, the bi-monthly regular board meeting minutes will be available for your review. You may access these minutes by logging into your account HERE. The minutes will be located in the “Document Library” section of the menu. Should you need assistance with setting up your account profile please email

As a result of Sandy Slocum’s retirement notification and the Board’s evaluation of the COA Management’s organizational structure, some members of the community expressed concerns that we feel necessary to address. The Landfall Council of Association’s Board of Directors has no intention of seeking out management companies to bid on the management of our operation. The new Board has reaffirmed the current executive management structure and leadership of our Landfall COA operations will continue the status quo with Steve Hughes as our Chief Operating Officer and Roxanne Powell as our Chief Administrative Officer.

Know that we are here for you and working in the best interest of Landfall as a whole. This is our home and we want it to continue to be a strong community, full of wonderful residents, serviced by an outstanding staff driven by strong leadership.

Your Landfall COA Board of Directors

As of our March 23, 2021 Board of Directors meeting, your new Board Members are as follows:

Gregg Pfund, Secretary ~ District #1

Mike Hamby, Vice Chairman ~ District #2

Dick Rosenmeier, Treasurer ~ District #3

Bill Hamlet, Chairman ~ District #4        

John Dorland ~ District #5    

Steve Rogers ~ At-Large

Wayne Roberts ~ At-Large

Should you wish to communicate with us, you may email or simply look us up on the Landfall Resident Portal.


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