Landfall Maintenance News

by Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations

Landfall Wildlife Reminders

LANDFALL COA MAINTENANCE Landfall Wildlife Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations March 24, 2017 Now that spring has arrived, so has an increase in the activities of our beautiful wildlife within Landfall. I have always encouraged everyone to enjoy and respect the amazing...

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Landfall Intersection Pruning

LANDFALL COA MAINTENANCE Pruning at Intersections within Landfall Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations January 13, 2017 Good afternoon everyone! Beginning next week, Landfall COA Maintenance will be pruning and cleaning up plant material in the areas around stop signs,...

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Current Conditions of Lakes & Ponds

LANDFALL COA MAINTENANCE Current Conditions of Lakes & Ponds Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations August 15, 2016 Good afternoon everyone, I have received numerous pictures and emails regarding the conditions of the lakes and ponds in Landfall recently. Extremely hot...

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Landfall Maintenance Update

LANDFALL COA MAINTENANCE Summer Maintenance Update Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations July 28, 2016 What a difference a year makes; last year, we were dealing with record rainfall amounts and this year we have had periods where we were increasing our irrigation amounts...

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The Expense of Yard Maintenance

LANDFALL COA MAINTENANCE The Expense of Yard Maintenance Steve Hughes, Chief of Operations July 21, 2016 Growing up, working in the yard was always a chore with satisfying results. It gave me a sense of accomplishment and I loved making everything look tidy and well...

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